About Kono Naturals

Kono Naturals is a collection of organic, sustainable Cannabidiol (CBD) products carefully designed to offer a safe and natural alternative to managing pain, mental health and promoting general wellness. Our products, extracted from 100% Hemp plants and are independently tested two times to ensure the integrity of oil, potency, and confirm the absence of chemicals and solvents.


The Name

The name “Kono Naturals,” comes from the word “Konopie” which means Hemp in Polish, and of course, natural – pillar of our product and how we approach and see through every step of our process


The Mission

Kono Naturals is committed to being a reliable partner and resource for the health and well-being of our customers.  Our promise is to provide high quality, therapeutic grade CBD oil products that are free from pesticides and residual solvents and are harvested from sustainably grown, whole hemp plants.  We offer products that enhance, supplement or provide an alternative to conventional approaches to health, wellness and certain medical conditions.


The Products

Kono Naturals currently offers a line of CBD oil tinctures, designed to be taken internally and a collection of CBD lotions, intended for topical use. Capsules, kid-friendly oils, isolate and pet-related products are coming soon.


CBD oil products are non-psychoactive, allowing users to gain the health benefits of cannabis without the associated high. CBD has been used to treat anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, skin conditions, diabetes, general wellness and more. Learn more about CBD here. 


The Process

Kono Naturals CBD products are carefully extracted from hemp grown in the United States by farmers that care about where and how their plants are cultivated and treated from harvest to sale. Using sustainable farming technique and the whole hemp plant, the farmers are able to guarantee the least wasteful and most environmentally friendly process for cultivating hemp. Not only that, the grow techniques including prevention of pests are all natural. On their farms, organic practices like using insects to pollinate and mushrooms to fertilize keep the plants fresh and free of pesticides. They also use full-tilling to keep soil at optimal levels and prevent erosion of the land.


The type of hemp plant that we use to produce Kono Naturals product was created specifically to have low THC, and high cannabidiol. Hemp, which is sometimes associated with the industrial production of goods, is a different variety of the same plant that produces the marijuana which is cultivated to have high levels of THC.


Each batch of Kono Naturals cannabidiol is independently tested in a laboratory to ensure the purest quality oil, determine potency levels of various compounds, and to guarantee the absence of any additional chemicals or solvents. At Kono Naturals, we put the purity of our product before anything else and not just for us – for our pets too.